Bobcat & Truck Hire

Pete is “Digging dirt cheap” and offers the following bobcat services.

  • Bobcat hire using S205 loaderBobcat dumping dirt in truck
  • 10 tonne tipper hire
  • Concrete cutting and removal
  • Tree removal / clearing
  • Delivery and spreading of landscape materials
  • Building site cuts
  • Building site cleans / rubbish removal
  • Slab preparation / compaction
  • Decomposed granite driveways and car parks
  • Garden stripouts

Pete is a fully insured owner operator and supplies all the equipment needed to get the job done.


Most bobcat work is contracted under an hourly rate as estimating how compacted the ground is and weights of different loads can be difficult.
Some jobs may be quoted as a fixed cost.

Contact Pete for site inspection and an estimate.


To minimize disposal fees loads are sorted in to different categories.  The main ones are:

V.E.N.M (Virgin excavated natural material) basically soil, rock, sand, clay, shale that has been dug out of the earth for the first time –  $10.00 per tonne
N.C.F (not clean fill) soil with organic matter i.e. small roots and grass – $33.00 per tonne
Clean concrete (concrete only)  can contain reinforcing steel -$7.70 per tonne
Mixed concrete (concrete, brick, terracotta)  – $27.50 per tonne
Mixed demo (construction and demolition waste)  – $105 per tonne

A full bobcat bucket of soil can weigh as much as 700kgs so it pays to sort loads into different categories.  This often takes longer to load but ensures disposal costs are kept to a minimum.   A truckload of clean soil costs around $50.00 to dispose of but a truckload of soil and bricks can cost as much as $525.00 to dispose of.