Bathroom Renovation

A standard sized bathroom usually takes 10 – 13 days to remodel or renovate.

The bathroom process

Once the design has been agreed on and a quotation has been accepted the home owner can purchase the PC items needed such as basins, tapware, towel rails, showerheads and toilets.

On the first day at the house the tiles are removed as are the vanity and shower screen.  The wall sheets inspected and if necessary removed to allow the timber framing to be inspected for water damage.  Noggings are installed to hold towel rails and anything else that needs a solid fixing point such as wall hung vanities and frameless shower screens.

Once timber frames are sound they are re-straightened and it is common to install a cavity sliding door at this stage.  New villaboard or aquacheck wall sheets are installed and taped in with a coat of plaster.  For timber floor (joist and bearer) construction villaboard is laid on the floor as well.  For concrete slab the slab is often topped with a screed.

The most important part of a bathroom renovation is the waterproofing. This is usually a two coat membrane that acts as a barrier to stop the porous structure from sucking moisture in to the walls and floor of the house.  The vanity is fitted and often a shaving cabinet with mirror door is recessed into the wall.

Pete is able to custom build a vanity that will fit neatly into the required space.  Most off the shelf vanities are fixed sizes and do not use the space as efficiently as a custom built unit.  A lot of vanities are imported from overseas and are constructed from non water resistant materials.

Most of Pete’s bathrooms are tiled from floor to ceiling and new cornice installed onto the tiles. This cuts down on the painting and looks better than a painted wall.

The shower screen is measured and once installed an antifungal silicone is neatly applied to the internal corners. Plumber and electrician return to fit off and towel rails etc are installed.

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